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Silent Squares

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The Silent Squares is a simulation that explores real and imagined boundaries and collaboration, and illustrates issues associated with thinking of projects as collective enterprises. It is a great simulation of the way a lot of work can get done collaboratively in construction and design. (And perhaps a better simulation of why work doesn’t get done that way.)

Each simulation includes directions, master templates and everything necessary to play. Each game covers up to 5 tables of 5 people.

Member Cost: $50.00 Each
Nonmember Cost: $100.00 Each

~Plus shipping where applicable

Tables of 5

  • Print the Silent Squares Model (5 pages) & the Watermarked Model
  • Cut each shape and organize into piles of numbers 1 through 5.
  • Label envelopes (1 – 5) and place each shape in to the corresponding envelope.
  • Bundle, Paperclip, and include the instructions.



  • 8 1/2 x 11″ Cardstock
  • Large letter size envelopes (non-sticky)
  • Stickers numbered 1 – 5